The Blazer - A Wardrobe Must Have

A mens blazer is a classic timeless style jacket that has a clean silhouette. This is definitely a staple every guy should have in his closet. Blazers come in two styles, single or double breasted. The have usually 1-2 vents in the back for ease of movement. First let's talk about the double breasted blazer which will give you an instant nautical look. This blazer usually has brass buttons and decorative crests on the chest. Navy is the perfect colour for this blazer. The details in this blazer will give you a perfect nautical style. It will give you a look and style of sailing enthusiast.

The single breast men's blazer can be worn in several different ways. This style can go from traditional to casual. Pair this blazer with boot cut jeans or khaki pants and maybe a classic sport cap and you will achieve a sleek yet rugged look.

Just as we talk about the style of the mens blazer, there is also the fabric choices. Here are a few examples of these choices. The corduroy blazer is a good option when you are looking for a casual but smartly dressed style. Camel hair blazers work well when the weather gets cooler. Pair this blazer with a polo shirt or button down broad cloth shirt and smart wool trousers and you can get a look great for the office. Linen is a great choice for when the temperatures start to rise. Great for a summer look. Maybe for a summertime garden party or wedding.

Of course men's blazers come in a variety of colour options. The all important navy blazer will give you a preppy or nautical look. Pair this blazer with just about any colour pant. Grey blazers help you achieve a more dressed up look, but you can also wear this colour everyday to the office. This blazer works well with navy or black pants.

Change the look of a blazer with a cardigan worn under the jacket and you will achieve that up-to-date look. Another choice would be to add a patterned sweater. This will give you a gentlemanly look which is also trendy and a great way to wear a new look to the office. Carefully pick your shoes. Maybe a dressy pair, loafers or a classic oxford to give you a style all of your own.

Trying to stay current in the world of mens fashion can be a challenge.

Pick a classic two button mens blazer and turn it into the ultimate fashion accessory. All it takes is one or two clever purchases to help make your wardrobe new again!


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