Finding A Stylish Blazer

Women's blazers come in a variety of styles, not just the tailored work suit type, so why not look into the latest blazer trends so you can look stylish when you're out and about.

First came the boyfriend jeans and then the oversized boyfriend shirt - now it's time for the boyfriend blazer - an oversized, slouchy jacket to keep you warm whatever the season is. Boyfriend blazers are now a wardrobe staple as they are so easy to wear, look effortless and are extremely versatile.

Boyfriend Blazers

Raid a male friend's wardrobe to see if you can find a slightly too big for you blazer (that they no longer wear any more, of course). These blazers are meant to look like they don't quite fit, and look surprisingly sophisticated. A slouchy blazer with rolled up sleeves exudes sophistication and also gives an empowering look that projects importance and strength. Just because the blazer is slightly oversized doesn't mean it will make you look androgynous, although if that's the look you're going for you can create this. To avoid it you should team your boyfriend blazer with pretty florals and maxi dresses - by mixing and matching feminine and masculine you will look modern and stylish.

Cropped Blazers

A cropped blazer is a must-have for spring but can also been worn in the colder months if you layer up. Cropped blazers will usually have cropped or short sleeves so if it's a bit chilly out it's worth slipping a long sleeved top on underneath. If the spring months are warm then it's ideal for warming yourself up on the cooler evenings without getting too warm with a full-on jacket.

The cropped blazer is a modern classic and it's certainly here to stay, so grab one (or two) for your spring wardrobe. The cropped effect is flattering because it shortens the torso and lengthens the leg. You can opt for a tailored cropped blazer to tuck you in or you can pick a slightly looser, casual one for day-to-day wear.

The cropped blazer comes in a variety of styles to suit all occasions. You can select a sophisticated and tailored blazer for a meeting or evening out, or a more casual, brightly coloured blazer for a casual day out.

Play with proportions and styles

Try teaming your large boyfriend blazer with a pretty floral dress - contrasting styles can look brilliant together if worn properly. There are a variety of online women's fashion retailers selling cheap dresses so you are spoilt for choice when it comes to hunting down that all important affordable dress. Feminine maxi dresses look spectacular teamed with a boyfriend blazer - adding a feminine to touch really complements the oversized blazer look.

A cropped blazer will suit most outfits - try a tailored blazer with a pretty floaty dress for a sophisticated/dainty contrast. You could also pair a silky, floaty cropped blazer with a pair of skinny jeans for a trip into town or to the cinema. Playing with proportions and contrasting different styles always looks eye-catching and stylish, so give it a go.


Ben Greenwood is writing on behalf of Love Sasha, an online women's fashion retailer specialising in boyfriend blazers and maxi dresses.
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