Solid Match Tip of Office Wear

In order to appear stylist and professional, you can follow the following the tip of solid match office fashion bellow:
  • White shirt is an excellent choice if you are confused about what to wear today. Pair it with high waisted black trousers for an elegant look, or a vest style if you want a little bohemian style.
  • Color gray to blend with any color. This color has the impression of intelligent, classic and cool.
  •  For a "safe" and pleasing to the eye, keep all the clothes you wear meatching.
  • For those of you who work in a creative field, can experiment with complementary colors, like pink, green, orange and blue. This color directly reflects the character of a cheerful, creative and trendy. 


  • If you are not workers in field of fashion and creativity, avoid colored pants. Especially when your body is not tall or big. Do not let your pants more attractive for someone from your company rather than your self.
  • Hit motifs, such as lines blazer with a matching polka-dot steath dress, only would look great when worn by someone with high confidence. If you "only" want to occasionally try experimenting with this solid-match, forget it.
  • If you chose a puffy pants at the hips and narrow at the ankles, chose a short sized (cropped) blazer or jacket as a tops. If choosing a long sized, your body will look "sink".