Tip How To Wearing Blazer

Blazer has been identic with the meeting and other formal event. This image can be remove with some way just provided you know how the way. Bellow are some following tips in using blazer.
  • For women who are petite, choose a blazer male model with the fitted size. So that body look fuller than wearing female blazer that has hollow body. Use bright colors seem softer and avoid using , because it make the body look even smaller. In order to look more pretty, use little accessories like belt or necklaces.
  • For women who have a little body contains, can choose a blazer with three buttons style. Find a blazer that not too loose and too small. For color, its better to use the dark colors, that can make body look smaller.
  • Tips the way on choosing blazer is to feel and try to move the hand when you wear it. If the arm and shoulder discomfort, its mean the size is to tight.
Good Lock, may be useful.